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The real estate market, like all sectors, is experiencing a moment of great crisis, with sky-high prices that often do not reflect the real value of the properties. Selling or renting now means waiting in biblical times for an apartment or villa that might have been fine ten years ago to find a brave buyer or desperate tenant. For years I have been passionate about interior design, a little used profession but one that is the wisest and most profitable investment to solve or improve this problem at least in part.

A professional review allows you to:

- rent or sell the property in a shorter time or at a higher price

- choose to keep the property instead of buying a new one

- turn a home property into an income or a business.

- buy an older property at a lower price and already have a remodeling project that amplifies its potential value.

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IMG_20200805_135154 2.jpg
IMG_20200807_122701 2.jpg
IMG_20200807_121315 2.jpg
Marconi - Roma (Italy)
IMG_20200813_200743 3.jpg
marconi arredamento 013.JPG
marconi arredamento 005.JPG
marconi arredamento 017.JPG
marconi arredamento 003.JPG
marconi arredamento 028.JPG
marconi arredamento 032.JPG
marconi arredamento 033.JPG
marconi arredamento 010.JPG
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